Hi! I'm Andrea, your new friend & professional 3rd wheel!

Born and raised in the beautiful PNW. I've always had a huge wanderlust heart to explore and go on adventures. My love for photography came when I was a little girl and finding old photographs of my family, seeing where they had been and then getting to use old film cameras, only spurred my passion. 

My heart beats for photographing a story worth telling, and finding the funny, quirky, moving little moments throughout that narrative. I find so much inspiration in the landscapes around us, and the emotional connections between us ... those two themes run deep in everything I do.

It has become my goal to tell stories, touch hearts, and inspire others to see the beauty that surrounds them.  

I truly love what I do, and have enjoyed making new friends during this amazing journey of mine. A photo session isn't just about taking pictures, it's living life in the moment with the people your with, laughing, sharing stories, creating long last memories. When it comes down to it, YOU are the heart of my business. YOU are what keeps me going, and allows me the opportunities to capture life, love, and true happiness.

“"You don't take a photograph, you make it”